My Work

Personal open source projects


Creates a local backup of your branch. Usefull to do before git-rebase in case it goes wrong so you do not have to go reflog diving.


An example project for aiohttp.


An /etc/os-release reader in haskell.

Open source contributions

Linux kernel

Added supported vendor to driver's help text. I happened to have an Acer tablet I couldn't find the touch driver for so I had to try the generic one.


Became a Gentoo Developer at 2013 and did

  • initial rewrite of twisted.eclass for newer EAPI

  • contributed new packages

  • fixed packaging and upstream bugs


Added HTTP Response Code monitoring

Reported an interesting change in libpcap


Reported a large performance regression, helped identify the problematic commit and verify a fix.


Contributed a bunch of packages.

Contributed to cabal-rpm to make it more usable for OpenSUSE packaging.


Fixed json-rpc server result to be nil on error responses (conforming to the json-rpc standard). However, my commit did not go through due to CLA bureaucracy.


Opened a bunch of issues when I used it to design a REST API.


Reported dead code and overzealous stack trace filtering


Patched a NullPointerException kind of bug and sent it to the maintainer who expanded it into commits r707 and r708.

I believe this was my first FOSS contribution some time at 2011.